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Journeyman III

Random screen blanking with 5600G integrated graphics and KVM switch

AMD 5600G Ryzen5 CPU with integrated graphics.

MSI B550M PRO-VDH WiFi motherboard

64GB DDR4 3200MHz RAM

Samsung U28R55 monitor

3840x2160 60hz HDMI video output

Windows 10.   Tried driver shipped by MS and also latest AMD (currently 23.5.2)

TESmart HDMI KVM Switch 4 Port 4K@60Hz


Issue:  randomly the screen will blank,  doesn't appear associated with any specific task,  when it occurs the entire screen will blank multiple times over a 30-60 second period,  then everything is OK for random amount of time 30,60,120 minutes,  varies.

Only occurs if I use the TESnart KVM switch

Only occurs if I use the Windows driver,  if I boot Linux on same hardware and use Linux driver 4K@60hz the issue doesn't occur.

Occurs on both HDMI inputs of Samsung monitor,

So appears to be some incompatibility between the AMD Windows driver and the TESmart KVM switch.


TESmart were unable (uninterested) in diagnosing and refunded me my money.  I am continuing to use the KVM switch with the above annoyance.  I had purchased and returned several KVM switches prior to purchasing the TESmart because they all had far worse issues. 


I've tried tweaking various options in AMD Adrenaline control panel but no difference.

I'm not sure if anyone has any troubleshooting ideas.    Obviously purchasing a PCI-E based video card is an option (though presumably not an AMD).


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