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Adept I

Random Restarts on Update to adrenalin 23.11.1


I've recently switched from RTX 3070 to a RX 7800 XT.


My experience has been quite... Bumpy since the beginning. Getting to know adrenalin, especially as a streamer and gamer, can be challenging.


On Sunday I updated my system to the latest adrenalin driver and that installation came with a huge problem: Randomly, my PC would shutdown and reboot. So I put the driver back to factory settings and that worked for a few hours. The next day however I experienced the same issue again.


Now I've gone back to the old adrenalin driver and since then the computer seems to be stable again.


My Setup looks like this:

ASUS ROG Strix x570 Gaming-F


32 Gb. G.Skill TridentZ RAM

Powercolor RX 7800 XT Red Devil

1x 512 Gb. NVME 4.0

1x 2 Tb. NVME 4.0

1x 1 Tb. SSD

750W Gold - Power Supply

The PC has a bunch of RGB and every single back USB-slot is used.


My first instinct, with my little knowledge about AMD graphics cards, is an overusage on the power supply. It feels like there is a peak, which in turn shuts down the computer. I hear a distinct "click" from the Case, which leads me to this first conclusion.

Any ideas from your side?


Thanks in advance!



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Adept I

I have the same issue.

With the adrenalin 23.11.1 the pc will **bleep** itself instantly on 3d mark timespy. Reverting to previous version also fixed it. 
I also just installed a new cpu cooler so I was really worried I broke something but 3dmark is rocksteady again on 23.10.2


Asus tuf 7900xt

X670e pro rs 


nzxt c850 gold v2



I also thought my psu was going or I wrecked something like a trace on the cooler install.... but its just the driver.


Thank you for your reply!


I did experience the problem again, even on the old driver. But I think I figured out the main problem: The sleeved cables, that I installed, brought the problem up for the first time. I got them out of the case now and the problem seems to have gone away.


I tested all the other parts, which seem to be okay, so I think the GPU seems to be hitting spikes, the power supply can't manage with sleeved cables. That's super bad in my opinion, because I specifically upgraded my PC from a 500W power supply to a 750W one and got sleeved cables to make the build look good.


The last problem I had now was the graphics card shutting down on Forza 5 when turning on Raytracing. When deactivated, it doenst seem to cause any issues.

I also have the problem with the high power consumption on idle on my 2 monitor system, where one runs at 165hz and the other on 60hz. The VRAM is constantly cranked up to full speed and is working overtime in Idle. That's 80W btw. When turned down to 60 hz, it consumes abot 7-10W.


I have to say, this rollercoaster of a ride wasn't really what I was expecting and I don't know if the Idle thing for example can be fixed at all.


I had a R390 and a Vega 56 before switching to a 3070, but now I miss that card. I feel like everything is a bit tedious with this generation of cards and I don't understand why.


I really like AMD and want competition on the market. My gut told me to get a 4070. After all the media coverage I decided to get an AMD card and now I feel like I've made... Not a mistake, but I made my life harder with it.


Use the inbuilt gpu on the 7700x for the 2nd monitor to have a work around for the high idle.

Or run both monitors on same hz. 

I did rebuilt my whole pc so it might have been my cables also, not sure about it, will keep monitoring.

Adept I

Sadly im still having this issue.


I will try another PSU (1000w gold) and see if its fixed otherwise I think my card has problem,s

Adept II

it's not the psu. it's the drivers. amd is just incapable of delivering working and stable software. that is it.

Adept I

Update: I returned the card due to concerns on stability. I put in my spare RTX 3060 12 Gb - no problems. Neither with OBS and streaming, nor with gaming while streaming or gaming alone.


Got a replacement 7800 XT card, did a ddu and installed the driver.

First black screen legit 5 minutes into the streaming session.

PC just does a restart.


Second black screen 2:30 hours in.

PC just does a restart.


Third black screen after 30 minutes.

PC just does a restart.


I'm actually impressed that this card has this issue. I'm going to reinstall the driver (again). I don't understand why this is happening with this card in particular and I'm honestly pretty mad about it. I'm taking so much time out of my day and this keeps happening. How can a fresh product produce this outcome, while a team-green-card just works in there?


I'm gonna try to get rid of it and get another card.