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Journeyman III

Random crash : "The amdwddmg display driver became unresponsive"

For some time now, my PC has been crashing for no reason and randomly. When this happens, my PC freezes for about ten seconds, the game I was playing closes and the AMD crash dialog box opens. The problem occurs even when I'm on the desktop. Additionally, when I turn on my PC, I sometimes have the VGA LED lit on my motherboard and then my screen does not detect any incoming video stream. So I have to restart it for it to work.
I have already tried completely removing the graphics drivers, repairing and reinstalling Windows as well as resetting my motherboard but nothing changes.
This problem first appeared when I used my graphics card and RAM on another motherboard to see if it worked but it didn't. Could this have a connection?

Here is my configuration
CPU: i3 10100F
GPU: RX570

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Journeyman III

.Same, I have the same issue and many seem to do here. I'm on a 7800x3d and 7900xtx. I had no problems for months. I also have this issue with out the gpu installed running just integrated graphics. I'd really like to know if this is an hardware issue or a software one. I've reformated, used DDU, installed chipset and graphic drivers offline all that stuff. So I'm hard pressed to believe it's software. I'd love to know what amduw23g even is. This also happens in games and just at the desktop screen with nothing running.