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Journeyman III

Random black screen, then reboot with A10 laptops

I get random black screen --> reboot sequences on a total 4 A10 based laptops: 2xASUS 1xAcer, and 1xHP. One ASUS is about a year old, the HP is about 2 months old. Things seemed to be going well until a Microsoft update last September (2017) or so.  Then, random black screens, followed by a lengthy reboot. I get 2 or 3 a day. Microsoft says that their updates work on about 89% of the computers out there, and I'm wondering how many of the 11% are A10s.

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Journeyman III

Hi There!!

These are all Canadian computers, so some may not be documented at the manufacturer sites in the US.

Here goes:

ACER E5-551-T7TP

Purchased December 2015

BIOS: I'm not sure who

I updated it from 1.08 to 1.15, but the date on that rev is 2016, so I'm not sure that will do any good


Purchased December 2016

BIOS American Microtrends

Now updated from 302 to 320 (December 2017)


Purchased June 2017

BIOS American Microtrends

Now updated from 304 to 320 (December 2017)

HP 15-bw007ca

Purchased November 2017

BIOS: Insyde

Now upgraded from F.11 to F.20 (December 2017)


All are now running AMD 18.2.1

I'm hoping the BIOS update will change the outcomes, but I find it odd that I'm getting the same problem over a range of computers and manufacturers. The vendor support app on all the computers thought the computers were up to date. I updated all of the BIOSs, HP seemed to be the best at web based support, Acer the most 'interesting'. I used the AMD radeon-software-adrenalin-18.2.2-minimalsetup-180212_web app to update the video drivers. Radeon Settings currently thinks I'm running 18.2.1


I saw something on the internet about removing Google Chrome, and that seemed to help a bit. I have a funny feeling about Facebook on Microsoft Edge being a perpetrator. I'd actually be happy to go back to Chrome if there is no dependency there.

Powerpoint is almost always open on my machines, so there might be a linkage there, too.



The Acer black screened and then reset after about 2 hours of use the other day with old BIOS , but AMD 18.2.1



Thank you for your interest!


Do you have any idea how many different "A-10" processors there are? Do you know that the "A-10" processor has a integrated graphics?

Please read this first, then tell us exactly which A-10 processor you have and which OS. Laptop graphics update...How to

Journeyman III


All Windows 10 1706.

Updating to the Creators edition is when and where this all started!

Acer: A10-7300

ASUS A10-9600P

HP A10-9620P



Notebook APU Drivers

Laptop graphics update...How to

To find the correct drivers for your laptop, go to this page and use steps 1-5 to manually select the drivers for your computer. Do Not Use  " Automatically detect and install your driver".

For laptops with AMD processors/APU's:

You do not update the discrete graphics update the APU. This updated driver serves both the integrated and discrete graphics. It is the only driver you install. It is important to know the integrated graphics on some APU's...


To find out what integrated graphics the APU (except the 'P' variants) Google the APU and in the technical description it will have the integrated graphics model.

AMD Kaveri A10-7300 Notebook Processor - Tech

Journeyman III

Thanks for that! I've already been to that page and done that.

Journeyman III

I thought I should sum up my experience for the benefit of anyone else having this issue.

I had this same issue with a number of A10-based laptops purchased over a period of a couple of years, the latest one purchased November of 2017.

The problem seemed to be started by a Microsoft Windows 10 update around September 2017.

Maybe the Creators update.

Bottom line: there seemed to be a great need by both ASUS and HP to issue a number of BIOS revs. about this time, the last of which turned out to be December 2017 in both cases.

Updating the AMD drivers to 18.2.1 may have fixed it, but I'm currently betting on the BIOS update.

So far, so good, but time will tell.

Incidentally, the system update software supplied by all of the laptop manufacturers failed to register the need for a BIOS update