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Journeyman III

RAIDXpert2 - 1016 - Array 1 Offline

Hi everyone.

I'm really new to RAID settings. It got me headache the first time I try it.

So, I bought AMD Ryzen 5 2600 along with MSI B450 Tomahawk a year ago. Today I just bought my first 250 GB NVMe (for boot drive) and 2 SSDs (for installing game and they will be on RAID0)

I install everything and following the B450 Tomahawk manual for RAID, I success creating a RAID array for 2 SSDs using RAIDXpert2 that AMD provide.

But after I install the RAIDXpert2 the notification 1016 Array 1 (my NVMe) has gone offline. RAIDXpert2 tell me to restart my PC, and I hope the notification will be gone after restart. But it still there after the restart. I can boot to Windows no problem at all, but the RAIDXpert2 tell me that my boot drive is offline.

Error notificationError notification

On BIOS, the NVMe got array 1 non-raid (try change it to RAIDable, still not working) and the 2 SSDs got array 2 RAID0.

Is there anyone can help me fix the 1016 error? I'm afraid it will effect my first NVMe.

Thank you.

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Journeyman III

Re: RAIDXpert2 - 1016 - Array 1 Offline

It's fixed now.