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Journeyman III

RAIDXpert http error: 500


I installed RAIDXpert a few years back when the PC was still on Windows 7 and it worked fine. I upgraded to Windows 10 64 bit about a year back, still fine.

I started getting a few RAID events but couldn't find anything wrong with the drives or any other info. Checked my version of RAIDXpert and it was out of date and there was a new version for Windows 10 so I downloaded "amd-catalyst-15.7.1-raidxpert-utility-win10-win8.1-win7.exe" and installed.

I now have RAIDXpert 3.3.1540.38.

Problem is when I launch RAIDXpert I get an http error: 500, see attached error page.

I am using Windows 10 with latest updates and Chrome or Edge as browser, same issue.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Richard

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Adept II

Re: RAIDXpert http error: 500

Do you still have this error. I downloaded RAID version 17.40?

AMD RAID Driver and RAIDXpert Utility459 MB17.4012/12/2017

The only reason I am commenting is because I had the same error with 17.40.

However, I restarted my computer the error did not pop up.

I have a 990FX chipset.

Journeyman III

Re: RAIDXpert http error: 500

Yes I still have the problem.

I'm a bit confused as to where you got a version 17.40 when I downloaded what I believed was the latest at 3.3.1540.38

I have an ASUS M4A87TD EVO motherboard which has the AMD 870/SB850 chipset

Have restarted numerous times but no change.


Re: RAIDXpert http error: 500

Your motherboard uses a Legacy AMD Chipset. I inputted your data at AMD Support and came up with a chipset from 2015 here: Legacy​. You have the correct RAID Chipset for your Motherboard SB800 Series Chip.

AMD Display Driver

AMD Chipset Drivers50 MB15.7.17/29/2015*DOWNLOAD
Supports Windows 10/8.1/7 (32-bit & 64-bit)

Package Includes:

                           AMD Chipset Drivers
                           AMD AHCI Driver
                           AMD USB 3.0 Driver
                           AMD SB7xx RAID Drivers
                           AMD SB8xx RAID Drivers
                           AMD SB9xx RAID Drivers
                           AMD A-Series APU Chipset RAID Drivers
                           AMD E-Series APU Chipset RAID Drivers​

AMD RAIDXpert Utility237 MB15.7.17/29/2015*DOWNLOAD

Found this link that one person was able to solve the ERROR 500 on Xpert on Windows 7. See if it works for you also. Even though it is outdated but it should still work since your driver is legacy: Can't get RAIDXpert to work with IE9 - Windows 7 Help Forums

Adept II

Re: RAIDXpert http error: 500

Your Raidxpert is now legacy and the latest package version is 15.7.1

You probably need both amd chipset and raidxpert downloaded and updated to package version 15.7.1.

The driver versions and program versions will be different than 15.7.1.

I can't really tell if you have latest version because I don't know the program versions just the package version.

I had AMD RAIDXPERT2 problems on my Ryzen computer and all I did was reinstall RAIDXPERT with its stand alone installer. Not using AMD's Installer.

The Raidxpert installer will be unpackaged to a folder on the C:\ (you should see a new AMD folder or Raidxpert folder where the installer is located somewheres inside it)

If you didn't download the latest version the most recent one is dated in 2015. You can try this.

My post was approved after the other guy helped you out. It was basically the same info. So I deleted some info.