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Raid software for RYZEN motherboard

A desktop build is being planned using a Ryzen 5 5600x CPU with a Linux Debian 11 operating system.


I was considering putting the operating system on a RAID 1 configuration of two HDDs and the user data

on a separate RAID 1 configuration of another two HDDs.


However I now understand that a Ryzen motherboard does not have RAID support for my chosen CPU

and I would need a very expensive hardware RAID controller card if I wanted the operating system to be

in a RAID configuration. 


So it seems i can put the user data in a software based RAID array, but the operating system needs  

a very expensive hardware RAID controller card.


Can anyone help so that I can avoid needing a very expensive hardware RAID controller card ?



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What motherboard? 

I run an x570 Taichi that supports multiple RAID types

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Thanks for your reply. The desktop is being built for me so I don't know which motherboard is being used.


All I understand is that the motherboard doesn't have an AMD RAID controller driver suitable for the 5600x.


However, I have just found the following :-


and I wonder if this shows that a suitable RAID controller driver is now available for my proposed 

system of RAID 1 arrays.