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Journeyman III

RAID problem - arrays offline; how to recover?

I'm using a Windows 10 Environment with ASUS Prime X370 Pro Mainboard. I attached three RAID sets:

(1) Raid 1 - System

(2) Raid 1 - Data Storage

(3) Raid 0 - Data Storage.

All non-UEFI.

Everything was working properly until I had a malfunction two weeks ago: starting up the System my first Raid was shown as "offline". Both harddisks were functional and still attributed to the RAID but I was not able to recover the system. So I had to delete and create the array again. All data was lost.

During that action I disconnected the other arrays . Afterwards I reconnected the arrays again. My second Raid was functional, the third one was offline (showing only one of the member drives as available; the other drive was shown outside of arrays).

Now I wanted to install Windows again. Starting up suddenly also the second Raid was shown as offline. Both former member drives are shown outside the Array.

As the data on the second array is really important for me - how can I now re-create the array without loosing the data?

Secondly - what is the reason for these constant failures? Is it probably a hardware defect?

Thanks for your replies in advance!

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