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Journeyman III

RAID 1 Won't Rebuild with Spare

I've had a RAID 1 working perfectly for years, and ran into the issue described at so I'll stop having my PC go to sleep (annoying, but it's fine).  During the recovery process, my non-OS, data-only RAID 1 was marked as Offline.  I am able to mark the other, single drive as a spare.  I can even add it as a dedicated spare to the broken RAID.  But it won't rebuild.  The tab is grayed out and it won't automatically build.

If I have the single drive set as a spare I can't use the existing drive still in the RAID, I can't see it at all.  If I delete the spare, the RAID (with one drive) still says Offline but the drive pops back up in Windows, files intact.

How do I get the RAID to rebuild?  Thanks!

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