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Adept I

RAID 1 + RAIDXpert2 - Can Drives Shut Off When Inactive?

I've added 2x HDDs in RAID 1 with RAIDXpert2 to my system and I was hoping that when they weren't being used they would spin down / shut off so they didn't produce any noise or heat, like a windows drive would when you can set in the power plan; "Turn hard disk off after XX minutes".

However, they do spin at a lower rate, but I can still constantly hear them.

They are used to store photos / videos / data, so may not get used for days or weeks, so is there an option for them to fully turn off with AMD RAIDXpert2 ?

(I'm aware that keeping them always spinning might be fractionally better for drive health, but I'd rather get 8 years from them silent that 9 years spinning away)

My system is ; ASUS B450-i mITX, 3700x, 32GB RAM, and just added 2x Seagate Barracuda 4TB 2.5" HDDs


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Adept I

any ideas?