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Adept I

Radeon Wattman Settings Randomly Changing Voltage (No Crashing Involved)

So I noticed that my Wattman voltage settings change randomly.  I can't say exactly how or when.  I've only seen it happen 3 or 4 times and it's usually after a reboot.  I read somewhere to turn off Fast Restart and I've done that but it still happens. 

To be clear, nothing else changes except the voltage.  All my other settings remain the same.  I'm running a Radeon VII at 1901Mhz 1000mV 1200Mhz.  I'd play for hours, everything is fine.  I turn the PC off.  Next time I turn the game on my fans ramp up all of a sudden.  I check Wattman and my 1000mV has changed to 1143mV which heats up the GPU and makes the fans ramp up like crazy.

Any idea why it happens?

Windows 1903
Adrenalin 19.6.3
PowerColor Radeon VII