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Adept II

Radeon VII Windows Desktop Driver Crash | Poor Multi-Monitor 2nd Monitor Performance



Mobo: x470 MSI Gaming Pro Carbon

CPU: 1700x Ryzen @ Stock (Never reaches 60'C is watercooled)

RAM: 2x 16GB DDR3 3600MHz (@ 3333MHz) -- stable, tested 24h for errors with high loads memory stress test.

PSU: Enermax 1200W Platimax (No issues here, tested on actual supermicro server... No issues.)

UPS: CyberPower 900W (this PSU and displays sit on this alone)

Radeon VII @ PCIE 3.0 x16 @ Stock Clocks

2 Monitors using DP (C27GH7, with 144Hz 1440p FreeSync Disabled, Color Depth 10bpc | Asus VG278HE 1080p 60Hz using active DP to HDMI - issue happens even when connected directly through HDMI port, didn't happen in past, doesn't happen under linux -- Not running in HDR mode)





Anti-Lag, Chill, Boost, Enhanced Sync, Vertical Refresh OFF.

Typical Memory Load


First and main issue Windows Driver Crash

For some time (around last 2-3months) i've been getting driver crashes when I'm browsing sites, or when I'm playing League of Legends, and start browsing web on the 2nd monitor. It doesn't happen right away but typically when i turn on league, start a match when i die or something i go to some page/discord etc result driver crash black screen, and driver recovers but is stuck a low clocks (so if i wanted to play more demanding games - well i'm literally out of luck - i would need to reboot the system - disabling or reloading driver doesn't work at all - i.e. doesn't help get the clocks back up.)

I have initially attributed it to "AMD Radeon VII may experience elevated memory clocks at idle or on desktop.", but i have now discarded that since there's no mentioning of it in release information of the drivers, and it still happens.

Note: No ISSUE on Linux

I have no such issue under Linux (latest Opensuse leap with latest drivers) I can play demanding titles like warthunder without a slight hitch, just like idle watching movies/browsing etc  - drivers are steel. 100% stable.


Not an issue with temps, or bad mounting - i've had this setup for almost a year now... i've checked the mounting or any potential damages - there are none. The card is pristine.

The watercooling mounted on my system, keeps the gpu very cool at iddle:

Idle @ 24'C core, and 25'C TjMax

(Core goes  as low as 25MHz, and VRAM around 345ish MHz) @ 737mV

At full load (stock clocks) Getting around 40'C core, and 70'C TjMax @ 1130mV (stock XFX Radeon VII)

-- the fun part when running highly gpu demanding games, and applications driver does not crash... Everything is stable...

2nd Issue Poor 2nd Monitor Performance

When running a heavy game, on 1st monitor (The 1440p 144Hz Samsung), the 2nd monitor is lagging. Badly. YT, MPC, MKV files are lagging as if i was getting 5-10FPS... (sometimes its better, but most of the time its not. - When playing League there's no issue on 2nd monitor. It seems to be fluid.)

~ Note from self: Even Fury-X was capable of streaming 2nd or 3rd monitor fluidly without any issue...

No issues under Linux

No issues when not playing game, or running 3dsmax compute job on it.

What have I tried?

-Installing Pro Drivers (Latest ones have issue with driver crashing as well... -- Clean install)

-Installing Latest Drivers (Clean-Install, same issue)

-Installing Beta Drivers (Clean-install, same issue)

-Checking gpu for any damages ( Card is clean, no issues)

-Asked forum hardocp radeon vii users if they can replicate - They can - Recommended flashing bios with same clocks all the way, or use much older drivers - haven't decided on doing those YET - decided to mope about this issue here instead.

- Auto/Manual Undervolting, or Overclocking on both hbm and core (same issue, no changes)

- Tried numerous drivers on Linux to make sure its Windows only problem (Confirmed so... no issues under linux.)

- Stress Testing the GPU, and Loop (No issues TjMax never rose over 84'C, and system was stable for whole 24h that had stress running - when under substantial load the gpu is stable)

- Multi-Monitor Poor Performance (Tried connecting 2nd monitor through all ports available on the card, even different monitor, and 2nd 144Hz DP monitor, no changes..., even tried using HDMI to DP, DVI-D Active to DP/to HDMI, Passive etc no changes... it only got worse in adrenaline 2020 drivers - not to mention GUI is not to my tastes - i preferred older one)

By all accounts

Looks like driver issue... at worst i can't even remember the older driver that didn't have the issue anymore...


Please be sure to ask questions, dumps etc. I will be happy to assist, and provide whatever you might need.

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Adept I

looks like AMD doesn't care about that. Middle of 2020 - and issue is not fixed.