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Adept II

Radeon VII Stuttering of sound and image

Hello guys

I have a problem with my Radeon VII. Sometimes the Sound and the images are stuttering. This occur in games (Flight Simulator, BFV) but also on the deskop/browser. (Chrome). 

i use the latest driver and Win10 2004 and the Card at Stock

This stuttering occurs sometimes, and sometimes i have to  hard restart my system to solve the problem. After restart driver says, there was an problem and the driver options were set on default. (i use the card on default settings)

It seems for me the the card get not enough voltage in some stages and so its sutters (sound and image)

X470 Gaming Pro MAX 

Ryzen 9 3900x

Bequiet Straight Power 10 800w

32gb DDR4 Corsair Venegance RAM

144hz ACER Monitor HDMI

Latest Driver, BIOS and Win10 Version

I have problems with my Card since February.

Could the PowerSupply cause these issues?

A Vega 64 LC in the same system has no Problems.

Driver Issues?, since the 20.1.1 no Driver solve it entirely, some have more problems

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Adept I

I doubt its PSU related, I would change the HDMI cable or switch to Displayport with a VESA certified cable if your monitor supports it to rule out bad cable issues. Also are you running a second monitor as well? Because there are currently issues with the Radeon VII and more than one monitor. Other than that try enabling GPU scaling if you haven't.

Ok, yes thats also my last idea. 

I don't think its from the cable, because, if the error occurs the pc doesn't shut down normaly. I think because the display-driver hangs

The symtopms are very similar to undervolt the GPU, and at some stages the GPU doesnt't get enough voltage.

But i use the card 100% stock


Just to reiterate on the power supply variable, make sure you are running 2 separate power connector cables to the GPU instead of daisy-chain off a single cable.

also the GPU hangs on two seperate cables from the PSU (straight power 10 800w)

with this PSU and a vega 64 liquid  i didn't have any problems