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Journeyman III

Radeon VII started crashing


I have Gigabyte x470 motherboard, 2700x cpu with 32 gigs of ram.

I have a Sapphire card, I've had it for years it's always been stable. A month ago it started crashing. I changed the power supply, (the card seems to work ok in an am3 mobo) so I changed the mobo to gigabyte b550m, I even swapped out the old SSD for a new one.
I use linux; Fedora logs me off when the video driver crashes. On Garuda the whole system crashes, on Manjaro with the Real Time kernel it appears to bit a bit more stable but it also crashes.

I game on the card, I tried undervolting it using Corectrl, I also tried capping the min clock to 1500 and max clock to 1800 when I noticed that running just one browser the Gpu usage spikes every few seconds from 0-40% the Gpu clock goes from 800-to 29xx when that happens!!! That's when the card crashes, the sound is stuttering during the spikes.

Is there a fix for that?

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