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Radeon VII Screen goes blank when in use or idle

I have checked my voltages and temperatures for the graphics card and my Ruzen 9 3900X. All are well within the normal range.  I am concerned that the graphics driver or Radeon software is the culprit. I have the latest Radeon Adrenalin software installed. I used Windows 10 Pro Programs and features in Control Panel to delete the old driver. I rebooted and installed the latest driver . I even checked off during the install to do a reset of manufactuers default settings on the card. I have followed the same method over the past year since I bought my Radeon VII new from AMD on this site after its launch. 

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Please report this issue to AMD : 

I have had that problem too, ended up resetting windows to fix it


Are you saying you re-installed Windows and that's what fixed it for you?


bluetuna wrote:

Are you saying you re-installed Windows and that's what fixed it for you?

yes, a full wipe of the SSD and reinstall windows 10 version 1909 and then updated it


I have been having those problems for months now, since the new version of the driver was introduced with 19.12.2! Crashes during Gears 5 mostly now but it did crash yesterday while my PC was idle. I have a Radeon 7 also.


My crahes have been more frequent lately 4 times in the past 8 hours. It must be driver or Radeon Adrenalin software as I have adjusted everything to make sure I am not on the bleeding edge to no avail.

Adept II

You're in the same boat as the rest of us. I'm considering to RMA my card as I'm fed up with the AMD drivers.

Just switch back to 19.12.1 and you'll notice your card is once again stable.

Contacting AMD has 0 effect, but do it anyways. This will put it more on their map.

Yep, I switched back immediately after updating to the new Adrenalin 2020 drivers. Knew it would go away if i switched back.


 Thanks for the tip. I did so last night. So far so good. Why does AMD

refuse to list this as a known defect in their software???


Yea that's what I would like to know too... Just a simple "Radeon VII owners could experience frequent crashes when using Adrenaline 2020 drivers" in their "Known Problems" list or something. Now they act like it's just not there and blame your system.

Journeyman III

I believe I have the same issue as you but mine seems to be less frequent. I've tried every version of the 2020 drivers and got a black/blank screen crash on every one. When I use 19.12.1 nothing happens ever, 0 problems. I've also never crashed in a game when using 2020 drivers, it always seems to be sitting idle on the desktop or browsing the internet. Can you do me a favor and try to check in Windows event viewer for bugcheck errors. If you aren't sure how to use event viewer to find these just reply and I'll give you a more detailed explanation.

In my case when the crash happens I see error:
Attempt to reset the display driver and recover from timeout failed.