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Adept II

Radeon VII Screen Flickering When Using Dual Displays


More than year and not fixed yet so this is my last try before i send this GPU to grave.

I have two monitor: Odyssey G7 ( 2560 x 1440p 240Hz 8 Bit) and C27HG70 ( 2560 x 1440p 144Hz 10 Bit)

As you can see below, once i plug two monitors VRAM read go above the limit


Which cause this (Same effects when you kill your GPU with too much O.C)


This only happen when i open images or using browser and even right now while i am typing in this forum, the funny thing once i open any game VRAM Clock speed drop to 1000 MHz stable without fluctuation and everything works fine for hours but once i close the game and in light usage my screen start again to show wired lines only in main monitor.

I tried to plug old LCD 1920x1080 60 Hz with 2560x1440 1440p 144Hz and same problem appeared again 

I tried to lower resolution on second monitor from 144Hz to 60 Hz in windwos settings but within seconds i get blue screen with error code THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER
and sometimes error code VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE


This problem since the release date of radeon VII i tried all drivers months by months but nothing fixed my issue and reported many times in AMD Report tool but i think they simply don't care.

Last thing the almighty black screen is 10x times worst when i plug two monitors in  Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.9.1 or any old driver, for now i am using 20.Q3.1 Enterprise driver because i did not get any black screen yet in 20.Q3.1 driver.

Using Radeon VII since lunch date and i was living inside black screen simulator unable to record unable to use blender in multi monitors, my experience with AMD for more than year was really bad it is like having a prototype GPU and you are forced to live with all bugs for ever.

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Adept III

Re: Radeon VII in dual screen

Which of the cards outputs are you using ?

Have you tried using different outputs ? like 1 hdmi and the other dp, or 2 over dp.

Adept II

Re: Radeon VII in dual screen

Yeah i tried all of them!

What makes it 100% driver issue i tried different Radeon VII ( Crossfire or single card)

SAME ISSUE even when i plug first monitor to Sapphire Radeon and second monitor to Asrock Radeon VII or any order you imagine


Adept I

Re: Radeon VII in dual screen

Hey, same problems here on my Radeon VII (At stock/undervolt/overclock) as well. (on B450/Ryzen 5 2600X/750Watt Corsair RM Power Supply)

Main display is a BenQ Ex3203 Freesync - 1440p @ 144hz - Displayport

Secondary is an Acer QG221Q Freesync - 1080p @ 75Hz - HDMI

Only the main display flickers, can happen randomly on desktop or browsing reddit/youtube/other sites on firefox.

I've replaced the Displayport cable with a certified cable.

This is my only remaining problem with this card.

Just wanted to contribute.

Adept II

Re: Radeon VII in dual screen

Thanks for confirmation!

I hope they fix this issue.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Radeon VII in dual screen

Thanks for the post. We are aware of this issue and are looking into it. 

Adept I

Re: Radeon VII Screen Flickering When Using Dual Displays

Hello, I just want to add that just like OP I have similar issues Radeon VII (20.9.2 drivers) after just buying a new 2nd monitor, the Samsung Odyssey G7 32" 240hz. I have been experiencing BSOD while trying to use the monitor in a dual setup with my Asus X248Q 1080p 240 hz. I've tried two separate DP 1.4 cables including the one supplied by Samsung and I still crash instantly when I open Firefox/Chrome, which typically leads to a BSOD loop on logon until I turn off one of the monitors. The flickering others have reported I have also just noticed as I type on the Odyssey G7 on desktop with Firefox open.

I just want to add as well that with my old 2nd monitor the Benq XL2420T 1080p 120hz (DP), I had no issues with it working with my Asus XG248Q and from what I have read people have similar issues with higher resolution higher refresh rate Samsung/LG monitors. It's kind of disheartening seeing Reddit threads of these same issues happening 6-8 months ago and still recurring even with the latest drivers.

BSOD CODE: 0x100000ea

PAR1: ffffd401`67904080

PAR2: 00000000`00000000

PAR3: 00000000`00000000

PAR4: 00000000`00000000
Caused by driver: amdkmdag.sys

Caused by address: amdkmdag.sys+1a288b


Flickering getting worse, particularly when browsing web and discord open. I have also noticed that I cannot set color depth to 10 bit even though my monitor supports it. I see the option but it just reverts back to 8 bit. I have ordered two VESA certified DP 1.4 cables just to rule out the cables, which should come by tomorrow.


I've received the VESA certified cables, but it appears flickering still persists, possibly less often but I am not 100% sure yet and while both monitors are on at the same time I still get the same THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER BSOD....


Tried 20.9.1 and lowering refresh rate on second monitor (Samsung G7) to 144 hz (and 120 hz) and there is still flickering and hard crashing. Tried as well use use HDMI for the Asus XG248Q and Displayport for the Samsung G7 and there was still an immediate BSOD upon using both monitors at the same time.

Adept II

Re: Radeon VII Screen Flickering When Using Dual Displays

Does it happen with Radeon Software version 19.5.2?

I have similar display corruption issues, on my primary DisplayPort monitor only (the HDMI-connected TV seems fine), with a Sapphire Radeon VII (my HD7950 is also affected; it was the reason I bought the VII in the first place as I thought my card is busted). Everything is fine when a game is running, but not when doing anything else. Both of my displays are 60 Hz, though, and I did not check VRAM status. Using 19.5.2 due to this, as that one particular version (all previous ones and everything after is affected) has no issues for both HD7950 (for these older cards drivers from 2018 work fine as well) and VII and even has a release notes line about flickering being fixed.

Primary monitor: Dell UP3216q, DisplayPort (3840×2160, 60 Hz).
Secondary monitor: Sony Bravia KD-47W808A or Sony Bravia KD-55XF9005, HDMI (both 1920×1080 60 Hz).

Adept II

Re: Radeon VII Screen Flickering When Using Dual Displays

As a temporary fix you can try version 19.5.2.

Adept II

Re: Radeon VII Screen Flickering When Using Dual Displays

I got my VII in March 2019 and there is a thread about this issue started in February 2019: 

I am not holding my breath.