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Adept I

Radeon Super Resolution(RSR) still not supported on EGPU setup after 22.7.1 update

On the 22.7.1 release notes, I was pretty excited to see that RSR is finally supporting hybrid setups. It has been two months that the feature showed up in the driver for my 6500xt egpu but it wasn’t functional. And after 22.7.1 update, guess what, the RSR toggle straight up disappears from the graphic settings. So screw EGPU users I guess?

Somebody please educate me on why it’s so hard for RSR to work with EGPUs.  I don’t want to keep getting excited for the next driver update just to get disappointed.

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Journeyman III

Does you laptop have an INTEL processor?

There is mention in the release notes that this will only work IF paired with Ryzen™ 6000 series processor notebooks. I hope this has something to do with hardware and not artificial limitation based on "Join the AMD ecosystem if you want this feature". It would be super LAME for AMD to do that. A la Apple style.   I wonder if custom drivers can open this up...  

AMD, please allow RSR for eGPU/Hybrid users that are stuck with Intel CPUs! Thanks!!!

Ya, which is BS because the IGPU isn’t even involved when you use external displays, and Lossless Scaling has been working all along. So I guess AMD simply doesn’t care.