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Journeyman III

Radeon Super Resolution Not shown on egpu

Problem:Radeon Super Resolution setting seems to be hiden on Egpu,while gpu is identified as individual.(dgpu is disabled and egpu is direct to external monitor)

Setup:lennovo yoga 13s itl, 1135g7 + 6500xt on win10 1903(18362.295)

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Adept I

It's been the case for me as well, no RSR setting for my 6500 EGPU setup ever since 22.3.1. However, what's interesting is that yesterday, after installing the AMD Software Preview Driver May 2022 (which came out the same day as 22.5.1), the RSR toggle showed up in my driver. However, the RSR tutorial somehow wrongly identifies my internal display resolution as 640x480, and the feature didn't make any difference whatsoever when I tested it. Now I'm curious whether they enabled the toggle by mistake or did they actually do something to fix RSR for EGPU setups. If possible, would you try installing that preview driver and see if the feature works with your external monitor setup? 



sadly i just installed 22.5.1 clearly,but rsr setting not shown.


I wasn't talking about 22.5.1. AMD actually released two drivers on May 10th, one is 22.5.1 and the other is AMD Software Preview Driver May 2022. You should be able to find it on the AMD Drivers and Support page.