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Journeyman III

Radeon software not showing what it use to.

Recently did an update since i forgot to check for a while. i was on a version that was pre-streaming. found out that now the metrics for my cpu and ram only show utilization and nothing else while my gpu and vram can drop down to additional metrics. why is this and is there something im not seeing?

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Not completely certain but I think a lot of people have switched to CPU-Z Software from AMD.

It provides far more detail information especially in the event of a software/hardware error crash.

Then Windows 10 Task Manager under processes provides detail info on system hardware and error reporting as well.

I guess it really comes down to what you need and personal preference.

As far as the newer Adrenaline setup maybe they're building the framework for a more integrated and detailed one stop location to monitor all system hardware and software.

I really don't know but there are others in the community that really stay on top of the latest AMD developments. 

Pretty certain you will get a more satisfying answer soon.