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Journeyman III

Radeon Software Not Responding

Whenever I play ARK and try to open my amd software this happens. The first time this happens my fps drops my 30-40 for 3 minutes before recovering. The only way to get the software to function again is to quit ARK and close the software in task manager or restart my pc. This has been happening since i installed a rx 5700 into my system. I used to use a RX 590 with no issues. I have a brand new install of windows and radeon software.

  • I7 5820k
  • RX 5700
  • 32gb ddr4 2200



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What does "brand new install of windows" mean? If it's Windows 11 you're talking about, then you're up for a bumpy ride with drivers and AMD software.

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New windows 10 install.

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Since it is possible I have only been using the Radeon driver for my RX5700XT and the MSI Afterburner to set the core clock and core voltage. The standard settings of my graphics card are too high (KT 2100; KV 1184), probably for reasons of competition, only Doom Eternal can handle them. I play Cyberpunk 2077 and Gears 5 with core clock 1350 and core voltage 1100, everything else leads to a crash at some point. With the FurMark benchmark, you can view the manufacturer's information on your graphics card under GPU-Z button lookup and create graphics profiles accordingly and test them with FurMark. I always use the latest Radeon, chipset drivers and Windows Update. When installing the graphics driver in safe mode without network card and the device installation on no with AMDcleanup or DDD completely delete and install after restart without network. This procedure prevents the installation of a Microsoft driver, which can then lead to problems.