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Radeon software installer message

Left my PC on last night and when I got up today there is a message from "AMD Radeon Software Installer". The message is "Error 186 - Radeon Software install cannot proceed as some files have been detected as missing."

Now, I understand the message, this KB article is pretty straight forward:

The problem is I didn't try to do an update before I went to bed and I have "Download Drivers & Software" turned off in the Radeon settings. So, it should check for updates but not download them. So why have I got this message appearing? What the heck was it trying to install, and why did it even *try* to install something in the first place?

Oh, and I'm already on 21.6.1 drivers.

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Ok, so the exact same thing just happened again. Went to bed last night and this morning there is a Radeon Software Installer "Error 186 - AMD installer cannot continue due to missing or corrupted manifest files".

At least this time there IS an update available 21.6.1 --  21.6.2. That said, I've looked at what 21.6.2 does and decided it's not worth getting.

I have to stress that I DON'T want the drivers to autoupdate. I don't mind being notified there are new drivers but I want a chance to see what they fix (and break) before installing them.

Why is it trying to do an install when I have autoupdate turned off?

How do I stop it trying to do autoupdates?

edit: Oh, and it appears to have now broken my existing install as I can no longer start the Radeon software to change settings or monitor performance. Just great...