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Radeon Software: Host application

Hello, so recently i built my new computer with the Ryzen 9 3900x and a 5500xt. I installed all the drivers, and now i see in task manager, that "Radeon Software: Host application" always uses about 5% from the CPU. Is this normal? Because that seems like a lot for me, and is there any way to fix this, or is it a driver issue where i have to wait until its fixed?

Thank you all a lot in advance.

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Make sure you do not have any 3rd party OC tools like MSI Afterburner installed,


HI.I ask everyone to convey my message to amd representatives. I am asking amd to release a new update of radeon software for hd 6000 series. Radeon software version is the same for both 5000 and 6000 series, but I wish there were some differences There were 6000 series in the software. Many people around the world still use the 6000 series of amd graphics due to bad economic conditions and have encountered many problems due to its support and not being updated. Personally, I am a student. I can not afford to buy a 7000 series graphics in my country.
I am asking amd to release a new update of Radeon software for the 6000 series.
Thank you


You should have opened a new thread...

Support for Pre-GCN cards in new drivers was dropped many years ago at the launch of AMD Crimson Software. 
There is a Crimson Driver GUI/UI that is available for Legacy PreGCN Architectures. 
I have that driver installed on a laptop with discrete Pre-GCN GPU on the laptop Motherboard. 

I am very busy today and I get nothing for providing support on here.
I cannot remember the exact driver version but if you search my posts you might find it if they have not been deleted. 
I will be starting that laptop today and I will let you know the  driver version then. 


Thank you very much bro:) 

I just checked - here is the information:

I do not think AMD will start supporting pre-GCN now they have:

Cards to support.




Thank you very much:)))