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Drivers & Software

Radeon™ Software Adrenalin 2020 Edition 19.12.4 When?

When will we get new driver without bug with games (19.12.2 and 19.12.3 not good) ?

5 Replies

No good driver with the new 19.2.2 and 19.2.3 : and GTAV many glitches

Adept I


as it is Holiday and i guess the developers have their time off as we do, we'll get an update by the end of the month at best. 

Journeyman III

Hi do  u guys have high fps in games but u feel like u have 30 fps can someone help i have ryzen 5 1600x and gpu rx570 i think is because of new drivers like i have 160 fps in league of legends but it feels like is bugging

No driver yet !