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Radeon Settings may experience a crash if the user changes tabs quickly with a very large game list. YES FINALLY FIXED!

Finally this is fixed. Thanks AMD it only took a year and a half!

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Sadly there is still no "Prevent Radeon Settings from creating profiles automatically" option prompt on first launch.


Yes that would be very nice. But at least I can now go in and out of profiles without crashes and waiting 2 to 3 minutes to even get it.

There should be a check box you can deselect on install to have it not add any profiles. Then you should also be able to check multiple profiles at once for deletion. That would help things greatly.


Especially since it's pretty daft in what it adds. Not just games, but applications like Razer Synapse and DOS-BOX.

It even added Opera (browser) to my list...

Maybe it got confused?

See the source image

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