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Journeyman III

Radeon Settings keeps turning AMD Chill ON when I launch Overwatch, despite Chill being turned OFF in a custom game profile.

Despite setting a custom game profile for Overwatch, in which I have turned AMD Chill OFF, EVERY time I launch Overwatch, AMD Chill is being turned back ON in the Radeon Game Profile.This is the only game I have that Radeon Settings does this with and it's driving me crazy!

It literally turns the setting back ON as the Overwatch game client starts loading...every freaking time! I have over 30 other games and this is the only one Radeon Settings borks like this. What's worse is, even though the Chill min FPS is defaulted to 70fps, Overwatch performance drops to literally less than 10FPS when Chill arbitrarily decides to activate (which had happened even while playing in a match). 

I tried ALT+Tab to Radeon Settings to turn Chill off again once the game launches but then it TURNS BACK ON as soon as I ALT+Tab back to Overwatch. Which means, the only way to turn the damn thing off is to remember to use the hotkey to turn it off EVERY time I launch the game. 

WTF is going on here??? This is just stupid on so many levels. I've checked every setting in Overwatch (which I run at Ultra settings without issue so long as Chill doesn't screw with performance) and nothing seems to have any effect on this stupid setting getting turned on all the damn time. I even tried turning the min FPS up to 144 to match the max, but as soon as Overwatch regains focus, the damn thing gets reset back to 70 FPS min! 

Please tell me I'm not the only one experiencing this and someone has found a solution. Even better, it would be great if someone from AMD could take a look!

[Capture1.JPG] - This is what I set the custom profile to before launching Overwatch.

[Capture2.JPG] - This is what Radeon Settings keeps setting it to as soon as Overwatch has focus, no matter how many times I turn it off or increase the max FPS.

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Journeyman III

This happens to me too. r9 280x vaporx(dual fan), fx 8320(oced)