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Journeyman III

Radeon Settings intermittantly using webcam


I noticed my webcam light blinking intermittently when I was not using it.

According to the windows privacy settings, the Radeon settings are accessing it.







I've tried killing AMDRSServ via task manager and it just relaunches.

**bleep**, and how do I get it to stop?

Thanks in advance.

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Journeyman III

This needs a reply so I'm bumping. I have the same issue. Every single time I update AMD drivers to newest version there's always some problem. I've reinstalled my drivers to fix a different issue and now this is happening to me as well; AMDRSServ is using my Webcam. This is causing errors with the Win10 Camera app as well as with Discord video calls (camera never loads). Your software should not under any circumstances be taking exclusive control over my devices. 


FYI, for short-term relief, turn off Instant Replay in the Adrenaline software. 

Adept I

I also have this issue. My Camera has a LED indicator that is always on since the latest update (I'm on 23.3.1). Thank you for the suggestion of disabling Instant Replay!

What's weird to me is also that if I go to Camera Privacy Settings in Windows I can't see any AMD or Radeon app listed in the 'apps with access to your camera'-list. It's pretty annoying that no other apps can use it while the Instant Replay is active since only one app/source can access the webcam at a time.

AMD: I would really like an option with "None" in the Video Capture Device input ( under Record & Stream > Media) to disable this.

Please let me know if anyone finds a better solution, I like using the Instant Replay but I'm not gonna disable it every time I want to use the webcam for anything else.

Journeyman III


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