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Adept I

Radeon Settings Freeze Crash in 20 30 secconds no matter what I try

Problem:  After opening Radeon Settings panel (whether it be right click from desktop or from tray icon) without changing anything, just looking around the panel will freeze and I can only correct it with CTRL+ALT+DEL and clost it then right click desktop to reopen the program.  This has been the case with every version since I purchased the card with 19.4.3 being the worst offender. It doesnt cause any system crashes but is EXTREMELY annoying!  I currently have two Radeon Cards in my system but the issue has been an issue since the beginning with a New PC build, Fresh Windows, on all new parts with only the Radeon VII card installed.

Attempts to correct:  Fresh install of windows, also tried older windows 10 builds and joined the insider program to get pre-release builds. Uninstalled Drivers and ran AMD cleanup utility (on administrator accnt, second attempt in safemode) then fresh install of drivers/software (Problem Persists). Uninstalled drivers/software using GURU3d Display Driver Utility (on administrator accnt, second attempt in safemode). Updated the Bios on both graphics cards

Radeon VII to Version

R9 Fury Nano to Version

Build Information:

Windows 10 Ver 1903 Build 18362.53

CPU: i7-9700K

MB: MSI z390 Gaming Edge AC

MEM: 32GB DDR4 3200MHZ

GRPX: Radeon VII in 16x PCI slot / R9 Fury Nano in 8x PCI slot

PWR: Corsair 850w

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Journeyman III


I have the same problem.

Totally new PC build, 

Fresh install of windows 10 one month ago. Up to date.

Since the beginning I'm experiencing random freeze with the radeon settings, like you, sometime just by looking at it.

At the OS start, everytime, I get a message who says that Wattman has crashed and default settings has been restored. (What? Oh Man!)

Microsoft Windows 10 Professionnel Version 10.0.17763 Numéro 17763


AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2950X

64 Go DDR4 2933

RADEON VII (Sapphire)

BEQuiet 1KW Platinium

Custom watercooling mounted by me, temps are the same as the room temp in idle.

While gaming @ 1080p, settings always at max, on the TV :

CPU at 40°C max.

GPU at 65°C max (only 15°C lower than aircooling, because I keep the fans very quiet, 0 noise).

No Overclock yet. But I'm considering that some Underclocking at this point will be nice.

PS : Even with Chill mode on, the default air cooling system of the Radeon VII SUCK LIKE HELL, incredibly noisy, used that for 2 weeks before receiving my watercooling parts, the first world gamind card in 7nm... wooohoooo... great... and what..? It doesn't worth anything with poor drivers and instability like that.

Rise of the Tomb Raider keep crashing after X mn/hours of playing I don't know why.

Either the game just close abruptly. Or the screen freeze, no more signal on the TV and Windows detect a failure and the system continue to going on after a (driver reset?), or there's just a reboot after 30s/1mn.

I'm seriously disappointed.

Buying AMD/ATI cards since ~15 years after 2 Nvidia cards burnt down. But since the beginning, even if AMD cards don't roast, I've alwas had problems with the drivers at same point. But this time, it's priceless.

I'm seriously considering turning back to Nvidia. :/

Adept I

Same issues, I'm not sure if it's Windows issue or what. I had a ASUS STRIX VEGA 56 which was having this exact same issue. I was on 19.2.x and 19.3.x and 19.4.x back then. 

I then switched to the Radeon VII Gold Edition, CLEAN installed 1809 with the latest CU updates, installed the latest 19.5.2. Same thing happen, staying in wattman and randomly changing any settings will cause radeon setting to freeze. C'mon seriously AMD...

i5 9400F
Radeon VII Gold Edition
XPG SX8200 Pro
EVGA G3 750W
Raijintek Ophion ITX


I had this same problem once. I downloaded the drivers again and just installed the same version over the existing ones.

In this scenario, it may not ask you to restart.

Just let the system idle for a few minutes, make sure nothing process intense is going on in the task manage. And then restart.

This seemed to solve the issue I was having at that time.


I was actually desperate enough to try your solution. Unfortunately it does not work...

Volunteer Moderator

To report driver issues to AMD > Online Service Request | AMD 

Adept I

kingfish‌ I have done so, but with no response after a couple weeks so just put in another with more information, Ill report back if we have any progress.

Are you by any chance using a PCIe riser too?


At this point I'm going to assume it's some other software interfering with the UI. It might help to know what other GPU related software you have running - maybe even desktop widgets if that might be an issue as well.


My PC is clean installed, no third party GPU related tools has been installed. The only "third party" app will be AURA sync by ASUS, to control the RGB in my system. Heck, not even any keyboard or mouse software. Anything else installed are 7-zip, MPC and a few games...

Well, that's just aggravating.

I would pull a card and see what comes of it - if you can get stable driver UI with one or the other. If I'm understanding this correctly, then there's display, just no access to the drivers UI.


0th3rs‌, please disregard that comment, it was out of context -if all that's happening is wattman crashing, it's probably got something to do with a memory leak in the UI - I've had this happen on and off and just use gpuz to monitor thermals , etc, until I get a reliable configuration or profile.


Regarding the original post configuration, it does not appear that the motherboard supports x16+x8, it's x8,x8,x4 or x16,0x,x4 for the x16 slots - try setting the bandwidth for those slots in the bios manually as not all display card devices sound off properly ( on the pcie bus in bios vesa dma mode ( or what have you ).

I know my vega was reporting x16 and another card was report x8 on my motherboard that's not a possible configuration and it took manually tweaking it and a bios update to fix it. The symptoms were the same however - crashing driver UI.

Journeyman III

Same here. Version 19.12.1 and 19.9.2. Radeon Settings always freezes when menu tooltips pop up. And this always happens on the thirtieth tooltip. 29 tooltips are displayed normally, but on the thirtieth the application freezes.

Journeyman III

Has anybody come with a solution to this problem? because i'm currently having it.


You may need to get the latest msvcc/msfc updates ( .NET frameworks, there are two now for version 3 and 4 ), these updates usually occur through windows update when you have the option to update other Microsoft products selected.

There was an update out for both last week as well as the 2004 version feature update ( didn't release to me until last week ). I have a custom built machine. 

Journeyman III

This fixed my crashes, make sure Turn on fast start-up is NOT ticked