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Adept I

Radeon Setting is too easy to open websites accidentally.

This is not a question, but a feedback for Radeon Settings, since I cannot find other ways to submit a feedback to AMD.

When "Radeon Settings" is launched, like freaking 80% of the area is mapped to open a website. The giant content area opens "Radeon™ Software Technology" page when clicked, The top-left AMD logo, which I thought would make the application go back to the home (top) screen, opens AMD's homepage when clicked, and other small icons mostly open AMD websites.

I have opened the "Radeon™ Software Technology"  page countless times by mistake. It is just too huge and prone to be misclicked. Sometimes when I started Radeon Settings, the application window is translucent white showing nothing. Even in this state, if I click the window, it openes the "Radeon™ Software Technology".

I don't know, there might be some people who frequently opens the "Radeon™ Software Technology" using Radeon Settings, but can't AMD redue the link area? Instead of making the whole screen clickable, how about adding a "Visit Radeon home page" hyperlink below the "REDESIGNED. REDEFINED..." line?

PS: Also, please don't move the top navigation bar... It is very confusing and unintuitive. I have not yet seen any other websites or applications that move the navigation bar like this....

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Journeyman III

Re: Radeon Setting is too easy to open websites accidentally.

This, your post, is the first I've come across anyone else asking this question or even acknowledging that this annoying problem exists. I've been through all the surface options and preferences looking for some disable ability or even a pay to go away offer. No luck. Is there maybe some way to write it out of the program?

Adept I

Re: Radeon Setting is too easy to open websites accidentally.

Hey, good news. I kind of found a workaround by trial-and-error. I could disable links, and you don't have to pay anything. The only problem is that you would have to do this again after updating RS. For that, I could create a simple C# console application, but for now...


(1)Kill RadeonSettings.exe using Task Manager

(2)Go to  C:\Program Files\AMD\CIM\BIN64

(3)Give the "write" permission to the Radeonsettings.exe

(4)Use a hexa editor like HxD ( It is free.

(5)Open radeonsettings.exe, move the cursor to the end of the file.

(5)Find (Ctrl+F), search for "openurl", encoding is Unicode, direction Backward. This is to find the last "openurl" as the exe contains 16 of them. The last one is for the home screen's link. In my 19.10.2, the offset was 0xD36E80, but with different versions, the offset may vary.

(6)Change the name of "openurl". For example, I just changed the first letter from "o" to "x". It becomes "xpenUrl".

(7)Save and test it.

The cursor still changes to the hand cursor, but clicking does nothing. I think you could disable ALL links by changing other "openUrl" instances. (Use replace, Ctrl+R)


Re: Radeon Setting is too easy to open websites accidentally.

I agree it's very obnoxious