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Adept II

Radeon RX590 drivers 21.8.2 issues with DaVinci Resolve Studio

I got a strange issue with DaVinci Resolve Studio 17.3.1 (I got it wince 17.2.2 and the issue there was already). When I activate Dolby Atmos pannier, the 3D one, I have the issue you can see here in the picture. This occurs when using the driver 21.8.2 This issue doesn't appear if I use the version 20.12.1 of the driver (1year old) I tried also the Enterprise version 21.Q3 but it doesn't solve the issue. I'm constrained to use the old drivers. I also opened a ticket with Blackmagic design, but they sustain that the issue is the driver of AMD. hence I'm here to ask Here below the Dolby Atmos panner with the recent driers 21.8.2 and also 21.Q3.

My configuration:
Ryzen 7 3.5GHz 64 GB RAM
HD SSD Sabrent (for SO) 1TB
2 HDs SSD Crucial 1T each for programs and work-filesAtmos Da Vinci.JPG Here, instead, with the 1 year old driver ISSUE.jpg

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Adept II

It's an issue and I don't find solutions