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Journeyman III

Radeon rx480 8gb crash

My pc crashes when i play games,not every game,usually when a game has unity on it or something.Last game this happent was pathfinder kingmaker although with the latest driver update the game seemed to be ok although i had some glitches.But usually i get hard crashes and i need to reboot my pc completely.Dont know if its card related or game or what.Now im facing this issue with a game called atom rpg.Played Gta v no problems never crashed as well as some other games that dont crash.I cant pinpoint what the problem is and i hope you guys can anwser it.

heres my specs


My power source is corsair cs 650watt modular and my ram is ramgskill ripjaws dd4 2x8 gb 2800mhz and mobo is asus 170 h pro gaming

Things i ve done

-clean install os windows 10

-used ddu to remove old drivers before installing new ones

-upgraded mobo bios

-toyed with the watts or whatchamacalit in the global wattman

-upped the fan speed from some post in reddit which had the same issue

-downloaded latest everything(dx libraries etc)

-generally anything reccomended anywhere i tried it.

Please any help is appreciated and sorry if i posted in wrong forum

ps dunno if its relevant at all but sometimes my screen goes black for 1 2 secs and then it comes back.

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Off-label games made by new and/or 2nd-rate developers are some of the buggiest software ever created by man...;)  If your GPU is running fine in some well-known, AAA games, but crashing in off-label games--it's most likely the game that needs to be fixed by the developer.  I've ~350 games installed and up to last week I was running an RX-480 8GB (Now I am running RX-590/480 8GB Crossfire), and I cannot remember the last game crash I had.  No kidding.  The only thing that comes to mind is to suggest that if you are overclocking anything that you set everything back to run at stock (default) clocks.  ALso, lots of the "early access" games at Steam, for instance, are riddled with bugs that somehow don't get fixed when those games *leave* early access--I will say that EA is fine as long as the developer has a long and trustworthy track record.  But for brand new developers, I'd steer clear, myself--and I do steer clear.   Hope you can sort it out!

With the latest drivers that came yesterday 18 12 3(though i still get a popup saying to install latest which are 18 12 2 ??!?) ,the game was ok,played about 30 mins,then i got up went to make coffee and when i came back whole pc was on lockdown again.Downloaded latest win updates and i ll give it a go again later.

Is there anyway after pc crashes to see some kind of log somewhere so i can know what caused the crash?


@waltc i know you probably wont believe me but if you took the rx 480 out and just ran the rx 590 you would actaually get a performance boost in almost every game.

the rx 590 is capable enough to run pretty much every game on ultra at 1440p and most games at 4k on high or even ultra.

Journeyman III

Ok have to say i was encountering the problem with AAA titles like divinity 2 original sin

But i seem to have found a solution

Reducing the Gpu 10% seems to fix the problem permanently which is weird because i have no idea about overclocking or whats that doing

In any case TLDR

playing game and getting random green-grey-black screens and computers needs hard reset?Reduce 10% gpu frequency in global wattman and all is fixed!