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Journeyman III

Radeon RX/500 Series GPU support accidentally dropped by AMD - Driver not installing (Radeon 520)

I have a Dell Vostro 3578 with Radeon 520 graphics ; (2GB GDDR5 VRAM) ; Launch Date 4/18/2017  (4 years only - not 5 years)

PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_6665&SUBSYS_08441028&REV_C3         - Last installed Driver version 21.5.2 (direct from AMD)

After that its not showing any updates, so I head over to - Website shows 21.7.1 is compatible - but the driver does not install - saying detected AMD hardware- not supported.
You may read about Radeon 520 on its dedicated product pages:

On the post by AMD staff @warren_eng ( )  - we can see RX/500 series is not listed as discontinued.

Also on - we see that it is not listed as disontinued/legacy

Radeon 520 is not that so old, uses GDDR5 & is not listed as legacy. It is the same as Radeon 610 .


However the same  PCI device ID was used by other OEMs for discontinued products & is also used by Dell & HP for their current Radeon 520

Jet PRO [Radeon R5 M230 / R7 M260DX / Radeon 520 Mobile]


--It is true that for Radeon R5 & R7 the support has ended - but the same PCI device ID is being used by Dell, HP for their Radeon 520 offerings.

You have to see the Subsystem ID/GPU vendor name and allow installation on them.

So you need to whitelist PCI IDs with Subsystems/Vendor IDs:

Dell Radeon 520:  PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_6665&SUBSYS_08441028&REV_C3

HP Radeon 520: PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_6665&SUBSYS_84AD103C&REV_C3


Also it appears that the same Radeon 520 device id (6665) is also used being used for Radeon 610:

Dell PCI ID is confirmed from my system, HP PCI ID is searched & verified from Google and other websites.

Request you to please fix the driver support for device 6665, as same PCI ID is being used for Radeon 520 by Dell & HP - and perhaps for Radeon 610 also.

And these OEMs are not actively updating the driver as AMD did.

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Journeyman III

Asking @dipak @Matt_AMD @AMDeer - AMD Staffs & @kingfish - MVP for help.

I hope AMD would kindly consider it, as drivers straight from AMD itself does recognize it as Radeon 520 only & causes no issues. I am not asking for any custom branding/name change, but just support for the Radeon 520 - which as per AMD website - is not legacy - and as a result I should be able to get the latest updates from AMD itself, like I have received in the past.

Please do not ask to update from OEM, as Dell has not updated its AMD driver since 2019 & only AMD releases bug-fixes the fastest. The problem is arising as the current Radeon 520 (Radeon RX or 500 Series) of Dell & HP uses same PCI device ID as older discontinued GPUs.

So driver installer should allow installation on these subsystem id (vendor id) & revision id.

Journeyman III

Dell Radeon 520 = AMD6665.38 within driver package??
Hardware ID:
PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_6665&SUBSYS_083F1028&REV_C3 <---- Device ID matches with our database

Compatible ID:
Journeyman III

@Ray_AMD @fsadough Please help


The Radeon 520 is based on GCN Architecture, and has been moved to legacy status. 

Currently our drivers support products based on Polaris and higher.

I will have the web team address the discrepancy.

So is Radeon 610 of the 600 series (released in 2019, just 2 years ago), which is also GCN based, similar specs/rebrand of 520 
But they are getting updates as per the driver changelogs.

Also considering that these are made for laptop OEMs, not desktop- users don't have the option to upgrade their card.
This is quite sad for this particular card as Radeon 520 came out just 4 yrs ago (2017). Couldn't AMD consider supporting it for just 1 more year? That would let it see the light of 5 yrs...


All GCN based products have been moved to legacy status, so they will NOT be receiving further driver updates. This applies to the Radeon 600 series as well.

The web site is being updated.

I suspect you are trying to install the wrong driver or don't understand how to update your laptop.

Do you have a APU? Which one? If not, did you update the Intel driver before trying to install the AMD drivers? Clean install?