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Adept I

Radeon Relive will not record anything

Hardware specs:
CPU:AMD Ryzen 5 1500x @ stock speed

OS: Windows 10 Pro 64 bit

Before it gets suggested, this is a completely fresh install of windows 10 build 2004
Radeon Software 20.8.1 downloaded directly from AMD downloads.
There is nothing to run DDU on to clean up old stuff because there is no old stuff.

What ReLive does when recording is just make a bun of 0 byte and 44 byte empty mp4 files
And it does not even pop up the record notification.
Not recording desktop nor recording a full screen app.

Windows game bar is disabled, it actually does work, but it is disabled.
Fraps works as well, but i dont enjoy the 4GB per minute of video it eats up.

OBS studio records fine, and both screens at same time, it isnt exactly convenient to use though.

Also, if i have any browser window open, or any MS office program open, or have media player open
or have sourcetree open THEN i get a recording popup...

Which says recording is disabled due to protected content.

Is this feature of the crimson software broken?

3 Replies

For the first issue open radeon software.

Go to Settings > General 

Find the audio channels setting and change to Stereo.

For the protected content problem.

Setting > Display > Overrides

Disable HDCP support

Well i have to say you should be working for AMD, because your suggestion to turn off HDCP support now allows re-live to work. I looked in a lot of places and never saw that suggested, plus i would never have considered it myself because i never got any warning about protected material. Also we should have to disable features in the thier software to make it work. Now with that said i still don't like re-live, because it doesn't allow to proper record only game audio, more often then not i am watching stuff on my second monitor and re-live even though output sources are set to specific apps in windows re-live records everything no matter what. So thats why i still prefer windows DVR or OBS for recording.   


Wouldn't be surprised if they are required to have HDCP support on by default.

They wouldn't want you to get in trouble by using ReLive to record the latest blockbuster from Neflix etc.

I only found the setting trying to get AMD Link working.

I would use OBS if I was making a video too, such a good piece of software.