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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

Radeon R9 390 3D Help

Hi everyone!  I recently built a new PC running an R9 390 from MSI.  I am currently playing MechWarrior online.  I also posted a discussion on the MWO forum for this topic.  Basically, I am having difficulty getting 3D to work to my liking with this game.  Ill try to be as brief as possible with what I got so far...

The game natively supports NVIDIA 3D and has options in the menu to enable this when using NVIDIA.  Most people using this give it rave reviews.  The game uses the same engine as Crysis 2 so I have been trying to use the Crysis CFG file options to make 3d work natively with MWO  and Radeon to no avail.  I can force the game into doing 3d with CFG options for interlaced or side by side but my projector does not detect this as 3d.  It just shows the distorted interlaced image or the side by side image.  I know side by side works on my projector as thats what I use for my Directv 3d options on this same projector.  So that leads me to my first question... does the R9 support side by side 3d?  What would cause this to not work? 

Now, I also installed tridef.  I tried using tridef in interlaced or side by side for testing and got the same results.  If I set tridef to direct3d stereo or amd hd3d (must be 1280x720 for amd hd3d mode) it works fine.  It get 3d.  It shows as being frame packed though.  It is also very uncomfortable for me to watch or use.  It does not seem right when compared to my directv 3d side by side.  Also, I was able to get tridef working with MechWarrior Online and it is downright painful.  It doesnt seem 3d at all.  It just seems uncomfortable and weird.  I also tried it with sim city with the same results. 

I am thinking that if I can get side by side or interlaced to work that I can then make that work with Mechwarrior online natively.  Any ideas or thoughts on what I got going on here?  Thanks! 

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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

Re: Radeon R9 390 3D Help

Here is a link to my poston mwo.  More details there. 

MWO: Forums - Ati 3D Help

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