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Adept I

Radeon ProRender shadow catcher material 3ds max

I have been trying ProRender for a while now and I am really happy with the output I've been able to achieve, this easily became my favourite render and I'm pretty sure that I'll be using it for my projects, easy to learn and achieve photorealistic output though there is one problem that I've been facing about shadow catcher.

I try to render object along with shadows in hdri lighting, I apply shadow catcher material to the plane but when I render the image, it doesn't render shadows with it. Even in alpha image there is no alpha for shadows but as the plane itself is not visible so I guess that the material does work but not properly, I also tried changing the material's settings but still no luck though I am a bit confused about its settings, is there a step I'm missing? There is no proper tutorial or guide available about this so I don't even know what to do to solve this. Please help. These are the passes long with the final output and shadow catcher material, and as you can see there's no shadow rendered. Please anyone help, it would be really appreciated!


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Adept I

I like to use Prorender a little more, but like the shadow catcher to work before i commit more time into it.