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Journeyman III

Radeon Pro w5700 Driver Install Failure with Razer Core X eGPU

Setup: Lenovo P53, i7-6Core, 96GB RAM, Windows 10 Business, Razer Core x Chroma, Radeon Pro W5700 GPU

I just purchased a second razer core and the GPU for my home office and have had a lot of issues trying to get this GPU to work. I have the exact same setup at my office work station but using a PNY Quadro M5000 with no issues. My home office will have 5 screens instead of the 3 my office workstation has, this is the reason for using a Radeon Pro instead of the Quadro.

Upon first attempt of installing the drivers for the GPU, my computer crashed when 60% complete. I waited for the computer to restart and tried again with the same result. I attempted a few more times but with different installs (Minimal install and driver only) and the same occurred. I tried uninstalling the driver and crashed again. I tried to uninstall again but this time with the Razer core unplugged and was able to successfully uninstall. I tried to install the driver again and.... crash. I tried various older drivers including the adrenaline version and same result.

I did further research and found the nvidia drivers for my office setup might be causing these issues. I download Guru3d's ddu program and cleaned all GPU Drivers including AMD, Nvidia and intel drivers while in safe mode and processed to reset and try installing the drivers again. This time I was able to fully install the drivers but upon resetting of the computer it froze and crashed again. I waited for the computer boot up and once booted the AMD program gave me an error code that my drivers were not able to load. When I unplug and plug back in the eGPU I get the same message. I tried restarting and shutting down the machine with the same freezing and crashing problem. When I unplug the eGPU and restart the machine it is able to properly restart the machine.

At this point I have tried all troubleshooting options I was able to find on the internet with no success. Can anyone recommend any possible solution? I am about to give up and return this GPU and order a second M5000 and use a thunderbolt adapter for the 5th screen.

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