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Radeon Pro W5500 latest bios

Helllo, fsadough hasn't been online in 2 weeks. Are there other radeon pro devs who can help me send me updated latest radeon pro w5500 bios, thank you. 

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Yes I noticed that also. It is possible that FSADOUGH is on vacation during the holidays or very busy.

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I'd also like the latest BIOS as I'm having a weird issue on my Gigabyte B550 board with the W5500 (warmboot results in black screen) but its fine with my Nvidia cards. 



Just pm,

He sent me the latest bios for my card, but i don't see any difference at all with anything.

But good luck and pm him, he's a radeon pro user.

I am curious though, what drivers are you using? and nice to see someone else using the radeon pro w5500. Curious to know what drivers you're using now, because i have tested every enterprise and adrenalin driver and only a few actually is stable with the gpu and works wonderful with it, while some are a huge problem.

Awesome. I should try the latest BIOS.  For me its driver independent.  I can just be in the bios and do a save an exit or a control alt delete and end up with a black screen - or I could be in windows and do a restart and end up with a black screen.  Only seems to do it for this card.

I've tried a handful of different motherboard BIOS with no resolution so I thought I'd try the Video card BIOS as a just in case. If it still doesnt work I'll have to sell the card unfortunately.


sorry to be a douche, but how do you pm him? I don't have any option to message him when I'm on his profile. was wondering if there's any newer bios version available for the rx 6900xt (mine's on a 2020 version).


edit: I just read the help section and I think I don't have a messaging option because of my rank. 

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AMD Moderator FSADOUGH only deals with AMD Professional GPU cards not Consumer GPU cards.

The RX6900XT is a Consumer GPU card.

Did you purchase your RX6900XT directly from AMD Store or is it manufactured by some other company?



I guess I cant message him as well - at least I don't see how from his profile page   



Yes it seems you need to be a certain rank to be able to send or receive PMs at AMD Forum.

Lets see if @fsadough  will reply to this thread so that you will be able to contact him via PM to get the W5500 BIOS from him.


So, what's the issue and who needs what?

I think the issue was for me. So in my Gigabyte B550 board, my W5500 will produce a black screen on warm boot - seemingly regardless where. It can be in the bios after I save or even control alt delete - or a reboot from windows..etc

I tried a couple Nvidia cards in the same board and they are ok as was my 5700XT from my other system.   I also tried the W5500 in another system and it doesnt have the same issue. Tried every available BIOS from Gigabyte and no change. So I figured I'd see if there was an update bios for the W5500 that may help.

But since all this, I've purchased a replacement Nvidia card and selling the W5500 just to avoid headaches.  


Well I still don't know which Gigabyte B550 motherboard you are referring to. We have plenty of customers running W5500 on Gigabyte motherboards with no issues, so the problem is related to your system. But it seems that you made your decision to go with Nvidia. Good luck.

Ah right forgot to mention which exact board. Its the Gigabyte Aorus Elite (v1) B550 with a 5950X processor. Every bios tried from F10 up to the latest with no change.  Supplying this in case you run into anyone else having a similar issue on that board.

  1. Make sure AMD Chipset driver is installed:

  2. BIOS Version must be >F10 when using Ryzen 5000 series
  3. Radeon Pro W5500 VBIOS Version: 113-D3250100.103


Are there any new radeon pro drivers coming soon?

anything special coming

already signed , was just wondering if you knew. 


Just curious what drivers do you use for your W5500?

Also do you game? if so, i wanted you to test out a game to see how it runs on your end. One game i am playing runs fine, but the framerate doubles and the GPU power level increases from 25 to 70 when i "hit the record relive feature". So in other words, in order to get higher framerates you have to hit the record button.

I have a WX 7100, WX 5100, WX 4100, and RX 570, it doesn't do it with none of those cards. The only thing i am wondering is because the w5500 is pcie 4.0 , running the card on a 3.0 motherboard, the card is not using its full power. And believe i have tested every driver from the enterprise to the adrenalin, tested the card on windows 7, different windows 10, change power options, etc nothing. So i just think i read a report also about how the xt 5500 for example is limited in performance because of the 3.0 x8 thing. 

The game is called Clive barker's jericho, there's a demo on steam. if you want to try out it.  I ask the radeon pro admin about it, he just told me simple they don't test games. Which i think is pretty lame, they should because the w5500 has bad opengl performance. Even though the radeon pro cards are not designed for gaming, i think they should do testing for everything, sad that they won't do it. I put in a ticket, but that ticket was ignored. 

Plan to buy a w6600 whenever the price drops, hopefully that works better. Even though the w5500 works perfectly fine in general, its about 15%  more powerful and faster over the wx 7100 i notice after doing more testing. 



Probably the reason why AMD doesn't check the Professional GPU cards for gaming is because those type of Non-Consumer GPU cards are optimized and meant to be used for Non-gaming situations or programs.

Unlike the Consumer GPU cards that are optimized for gaming via both Hardware and Driver.



I've tested the W5500 for gaming (Doom3, Project cars 2, Assetto Corsa..etc) and it falls exactly in line with the 5500XT 8GB so its not too bad for 1080P gaming. 


Its funny but I just saw a good deal on Amazon for a 3060 Ti so I ordered it for my main machine. Shuffling the 2070 Super into the machine the W5500 was in.  Selling the W5500. Not worth the time troubleshooting  


Good luck and have fun.  

Thanks my friend! 


Hello, I got w5500 today, can you please share the latest BIOS?


A VBIOS is not always a solution to your problem.

1. What is your exact make and model of your motherboard?
2. Please provide an AMDZ-Report:
- Please extract the available from
- Run amdz.exe file as an Administrator
- Select “Save All“ and “TXT“ as the output format
- Click on the blue button to save the report
- The .txt file will be saved in the same folder where you extracted the zipped file

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I have W5500, when I install the driver (Enterprise version or Adrenaline version) Windows go in black screen. If I do a reboot, the system go in hang on Windows loading. I tried two different configuration with the same problem. Windows 10 pro and windows 11 pro, on two different motherboard (msi and asus) with two different generation of intel CPU. @fsadough could you help me? Could you send me the lates VBIOS.

if you need here you can find AMDZ report





Might want to send him a private message to reach him faster. 

BTW, i upgraded to a W6600, its about 20-25%% faster and more stable compared to the W5500. One of the best upgrades i did. 

Oh and one last thing, i tested pretty much ever driver for the W5500 which was available for the GPU. The only driver that worked well on my end was Adrenalin 20.9.1 . None of the Enterprise drivers work good with the card. Adrenalin 20.9.1 not only played every game perfectly fine, no crashes, better video quality. The card is really picky on what driver works with it i notice. At least for me anyway. 


The AMDZ Report does not recognize the W5500. Not sure if this is a VBIOS issue. Please file a support ticket.


I have uninstalled the driver because I can't boot with the driver installed


What is the make and model of your motherboard?

Journeyman III

I tried with MSI PRO Z690-A DDR5 with latest bios and Windows 11 Pro. I also tried with an old Asus P8P67 DELUXE with latest bios and Wind 10 Pro but I have the same issue


The problem must be system specific, I have W5500 running on various motherboards. Check your system BIOS, Chipset drivers. If you have Intel onboard Grafik, make sure you disable it. Check your cable and monitor settings.