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Journeyman III

Radeon Installation Software Nightmare

I purchased an AMD Sapphire Radeon RX 590 GPU in January 2019 when I built a new rig.

At that time, I downloaded the current Radeon software to install the drivers, but ran into problems with the installation. After a few emails to AMD support, I was still having problems with the installation and in frustration pulled the GPU from the rig, using another card in the interim.

Fast forward to March 2021, when I decided to use the AMd Sapphire Radeon RX 590 in that computer, rather than try to search for a new GPU because of the chip crisis. 

The Radeon softward installation crisis continues to-date with the same problems as in 2019. After 35 emails to AMD and Sapphire customer support -  and after doing a recommended completely clean installation of Windows 10, and even having the GPU replaced with a new one through my extended warranty - the installation problem has still not been solved.

The problems I am having now are the same as I had back in 2019; if I install the drivers off the installation disk that came with the GPU, the installation is fine. However, whenever I try to update the software, the installation software freezes, and then the computer shuts down.  It does not make any difference whether I do this as a fresh download from the webpage, or if I use the program that came with the installation disk, or if I do it as an administator,  the results are the same.

Any suggestions? My patience to solve this problem is fast running out.

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Journeyman III


I am updating this post with the hope that somebody reading this might be able to offer some help.

First of all, I neglected to provide the basic information about my rig, which is:

Central Processing Unit: AMD Ryzen 7 3700 8 Core Processor 3.6 Mhz
Motherboard: MPG X570 GAMING EDGE WIFI
Memory: G.Skill 32 GB 2 x 16 GB DDR4 15-15-15-36
Monitor: Acer SB220Q
Windows: Pro 10 Version 21H1 - Completely Updated
Power Supply Unit: Apexgaming AG-750 Watts 80 Plus Gold

The video card for which I *CANNOT* install current drivers and AMD Adrenalin Software is: AMD Sapphire Pulse RX 590.

Without going into a lot unnecessary drama about my previous attempts going back a year and a half to install the AMD Radeon Adrenalin software, I will simply state the current situation:

1. The only Adrenalin software that I have been able to install is that which came with the installation disk with the original Sapphire Radeon Pulse RX 590 video card (Version 18.12.2). Any new downloaded updated drivers will not install. Any attempt to install updates through the old 18.12.2 Adrenalin software which came on the disk, will not install. The computer freezes, and shuts down.

2. The old video card was exchanged for a different one by Sapphire 2 weeks ago, so the problem does not lie with the card. The problem has continued in spite of a different replacement card sent to me.

3. In June, I did a completely fresh install of Windows 10 on a brand new SSD main hard drive. Right after the installation, the first thing I did is I tried to install the most recent Adrenalin drivers. It was a failure. The computer froze, and shut down, as with all other previous attempts.

3. After 35 emails from both AMD and Sapphire technical support, I have done everything that I have been told by these technical support personnel to try to resolve the problem. Please do *NOT* suggest the following; executing DDU and AMD driver removal tools in safe mode; stopping Windows updates while installing; staying connected, or disconnected from the internet during driver installation; attempting to install in regular mode or safe mode; disconnecting all peripherals during installation; updating to the current version of Windows;  doing a clean install (again) of Windows 10; attempting to install with, or without, administrator rights;  checking the Power Supply Unit; disabling Anti-virus firewalls.

None of the above suggestions and more for the past year and a half from these technical support personnel have worked.

I have spent literally about 200 hours trying to resolve this problem, either directly or indirectly.  I paid $300 for this card, and I want, deserve, and in reality *DEMAND* as a consumer who has spent my hard earned dollars to purchase this video card, solutions to this problem. It  is not a matter of the dollars spent, but rather that the consumer deserves a product and customer service support which will enable problems to be solved.

This problem should not be happening!!!

Calling a spade a spade, the technical support I received from AMD relative to this problem amounted to little more than canned generic responses which at the end of the day did not resolve my problem. The technical support I received from Sapphire was much better, however their involvement was really more of a hardware issue than a software issue. The software installation problem lies with AMD. These types of problems should not be occurring on a fairly new and well maintained rig.

I am completely convinced this problem has to do with seriously buggy AMD software.

I asked AMD software technical support to send to me any other recommendations they could make, or cancel the technical support ticket number.

AMD software technical support apparently cancelled the ticket number, as I received no answer from them.

This is my last attempt to resolve this installation problem. if I cannot find an answer on this forum, I am done....completely DONE.....for life, with any further AMD products. I have other video cards (NVIDIA) which I have used in this same computer. I have had zero problems downloading and installing their drivers.

This has been by far the worst technical nightmare I have ever experienced in my 25 years of building my own rigs.

Any suggestions?

I will welcome any comments that may help solve this problem.



  1.  try Display Driver Uninstaller in safe mode 
  2. check the connection pin cables for any damage (24 pin-8 PIN ATX / CPU/ Gpu)
  3. flash bios gpu for more advanced users