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Journeyman III

Radeon HD 5700 (running Catalyst 15.7.1) defaulting to DP HD Audio when DP monitor is connected

I recently bought a new Samsung gaming monitor which only has HDMI and Display Port inputs so now I'm using the DP jack to connect to the Samsung monitor, and the HDMI jack is still plugged into one of my TV HDMI inputs.

Before, I had been using the DVI jack on the HD 5700 to feed an older Dell monitor along with the HD 5700 HDMI jack to feed my TV.

Now when turning on the TV HDMI cable is apparently NOT detected and Windows sound assumes that I'm going to feed sound  through the Display Port

Previously using the Dell monitor DVI jack and HDMI to the TV allowed the HD 5700 and drivers to switch Windows sound to HDMI when the TV was turned on. 

The only very inconvenient solution I've found is the go into Windows Device Manager->Sound  video and game controllers-AMD High Definition Audio Device item and disable that device.  To take effect doing this required a reboot and when rebooted I have to go back into the same item and enable it.

Anyone experiencing this and found a solution?

I know the HD 5700 is 7 years old and has been EOL'ed with only 'Legacy' drivers available but I'd sure like to not have to buy another expensive video card to get Display Port and HDMI switching in Windows to work.


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