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Journeyman III

radeon hd 5450 2gb

I have a new dell with i7-12700 16.0 gb ram 64-bit with windows 11 pro version 22h2. I installed the radeon hd 5450 and installed the drivers. When I boot up with my monitor plugged into the hdmi port it comes up with vertical colored lines for a few seconds and then goes to a blank screen. When I try to update drivers it says I have the latest. I tried the card in another computer with the same results. I have 2 of these cards and they both do the same.


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The HD5450 is obsolete and considered to be Legacy and not supported by AMD drivers anymore since 2016.

So there are no Windows 11 drivers for your Legacy GPU card:

If the Windows 10 AMD Drivers doesn't work in Windows 11 then you have two other decisions to make.

Only chose you have is to install Windows 10 and see if those drivers will still work with the latest Windows 10 version or not.

Otherwise you will need to upgrade your GPU card to one that is still supported. At the moment, All RX Series GPU cards are supported.