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Journeyman III

Radeon Graphics disappears...

i have Legion 5 15ARH05 with AMD Ryzen 5 4600 Processor.

I installed and opened "Lenovo Vantage". After it I have seen, that my keyboard light isnt working properly, so I restarded my pc. After it my keyboard light was working only for 5 minutes, but i saw something strange... In task manager i couldn't seen Radeon Graphics. When i was trying to open AMD Radeon Software, there was this error:

No AMD graphics driver is installed, or AMD driver is not working properly. Please Install the AMD driver appropriate for your AMD hardware.

After it, I installed driver from this page:

It said to me, that I have to restard so i have done it, but nothing changed.

What should I do? Please help...

PS. Sorry if there orthographical mistakes or something like that, but I don't speak English perfect. I am Polish.

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