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Journeyman III

RADEON E4690 Driver for windows 7 x64

How do I download a driver to be used on a disconnected PC? There only seems to be an option for a system with internet connection. I need an offline version of a driver suitable for 64 bit version of Windows 7 Pro (with SP1)

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Seems like the E4690 is considered to be an Embedded Processor.

The last Windows OS that supported that processor is Windows 7 and here is the last AMD Driver from AMD download page:

Screenshot 2021-03-24 172051.png

NOTE: If you don't have an internet connection then have someone that does have an internet connection to download the driver and burn it on a DVD or USB Flashdrive.

If you want to purchase a DVD/Flashdrive with that driver from AMD I don't know if they have that service or not. Personally I am not aware of that service.