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Journeyman III

Radeon drivers problem, any help please?

So a while ago I had this problem where amd radeon software wouldn't open no matter what, the drivers were working, just the menu wasn't, the way I fixed it was by installing a way older driver version, and then updating to a newer one. 

And now I got the same problem, have no clue what caused it, as it just happened some day when I tried to open radeon software, wanted to try to fix this the same way, but the older drivers don't seem to be on the website anymore, I am looking for the older version which software was a lot different, any help, please? Anyone know's how to fix this for good?

My specs: 

CPU: R3200g

GPU: Rx 590

16 Gb ram ddr4 2666mhz

Asrock motherboard

550w Psu

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