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Journeyman III

Radeon drivers FORCE installation of Radeon Pro

I have a 6900XT and a WX3100(multiple monitors) but the setup INSISTS on installing Radeon Pro, I cannot access any of the tuning options that the Non pro version offers and I am not able to install the standard(non pro) Radeon Software at all...

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Both the 6900XT and the WX3100 uses the same Professional AMD Driver which is probably why it comes up with the Radeon Pro version since you are using a Professional GPU card.

If you remove the WX3100 GPU card see if you now have access to the Adrenalin version.


That defeats the whole purpose of having two GPUs...I did not have this issue and was able to use my 6900xt fully until recently. I should have a choice which drivers and software I want to use and not be forced to use whichever is decided for me...


Maybe AMD Moderator @fsadough , the Forum's expert on Professional GPUs can shed some light where you are using both a Consumer and Professional GPU card in the same system and how the Driver will react to that situation.


I am trying to understand the purpose of such set up. Regardless by default when you have a Radeon Pro card installed in the system, Radeon Pro Software will be installed.

Remove WX3100 => Install Radeon Software => Reinstall WX3100 in the system => That might work. I never tested it because there is no value for such set up by enterprise customers.

Because GPUs can only support 4 outputs per card? My VR headset uses one output which reduces me to 3 monitors, I currently have 3 monitors, a TV and a graphics tablet connected to my machine. Without multiple GPUs I would not be able to have this many displays. I bought the wx3100 as a temporary GPU to use before I got my 6900xt.


  • Why don't you use MST-Hub instead of a Graphics card?
  • Even if you insist on using multiple GPU, why not a consumer GPU instead of a ProGraphics?

you're kidding right? Are you not aware of the global GPU shortage?


No, I am not kidding. I don't believe there is a shortage on MST-Hubs. On GPU side shortage applies to both consumer and ProGraphics. You can try the workaround I offered you and see if it works.



So wait, you're telling me to BUY NEW HARDWARE because of a problem that can be FIXED IN SOFTWARE...You're serious???


I didn't tell you to buy a new hardware, I was merely suggesting and also provided a workaround which you can try.