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Adept III

Radeon Drivers 27.20.1000.8009

Today there newer ver of driver on Windows update "Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. - Display - 27.20.1000.8009" but need to say in kill Radeon software from Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.2.1 Feb3 which has 26.20.15019.1003

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Not sure what you are asking but I will tell you that the drivers offered from Windows update are not necessarily the latest drivers and they are not full featured either. Now that can be a good thing depending on what you need. Just know that if you are wanting the latest drivers, get them from the AMD site. If you are on a laptop, sometimes best to stick with the latest driver available from who made your laptop. Windows Update at times installs incorrect drivers and that can be a pain too. I usually avoid installing drivers from Windows update. If I see one recommended I tend to then go check the manufacturers site for their latest driver. 


It easy to understand pokester that not the case if Windows update install ver 27.20.1000.8009 drives and newer Radeon software 10.20.10001.0 it up overriding the Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.2.1 from Feb 3 overriding the 26.20.15019.1003 drivers and it Radeon software so there for now the Windows Update is the laterst drivers and if try reinstall you just end back on ver 27.20.1000.8009 with in a few day and manufacturers is AMD after all it manufacturer many reference card as I have Vega 56.


The Windows Repository Drivers often use their own version numbers. They won't necessarily correspond to the AMD driver number. Also know that AMD drivers do not claim support for Insider Builds either. So realize that using such a build can cause instability as the drivers are not tested with those builds according to AMD. 

Adept III

27.XXX suggests its a wdm 2.7 driver. is it on regular win10 or some insider build?


Windows Insider Preview driver ?

They usually have the higher WDDM number, e.g. 27. (wddm 2.7) on the 2004 build.

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Yup that must be the case with Windows Insider Preview 2004 builder I really hate when they do that