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Journeyman III

Radeon Chill not working in main menus of many games.

Hello. I have noticed with my new AMD system that Radeon chill doesn't seem to work at all in main menus of many games, ones I have tested are Starfield, Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 and Barotrauma. However it works when you are in the game past the main menu. Maybe this just has something to do with the way Chill works? Or is this a bug? I am using the currently newest Adrenalins software, version 23.9.2. For now I figured out a workaround by using framerate target control (FRTC) and setting it higher than my Radeon Chill limits are. FRTC works in menus but cannot be set on game profile basis. However in Barotrauma FRTC does not work at all, which is also one issue I am having. I am also concernend about FRTC and Radeon chill interfering with each other. Is this possible? I have my radeon chill set to 90 or 100 depending on game and FRTC at 115 fps with monitor set to 120 hz.

My wish at least would be to have a single driver level limiter that works everywhere on all games and can be set on game basis.



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Journeyman III

Hi dude, The issue you're experiencing with Radeon Chill not working in the main menus of certain games might be related to the way Chill is designed to operate. It's possible that some games have specific menu behaviors that prevent Chill from activating until you're in actual gameplay. This may not necessarily be a bug.

Your workaround using Framerate Target Control (FRTC) to set limits higher than your Radeon Chill limits is a valid approach, but as you've noted, FRTC doesn't work on a per-game profile basis. Unfortunately, not all games may support FRTC, like the issue you're facing with Barotrauma.

Regarding your concern about FRTC and Radeon Chill interfering with each other, they shouldn't directly interfere. Radeon Chill aims to reduce GPU workload during less demanding moments in a game, while FRTC limits the maximum frame rate. However, it's essential to ensure that your settings are consistent and not conflicting, as having both enabled with conflicting settings might lead to unexpected results.

Ultimately, your wish for a single driver-level limiter that works universally across all games on a per-game basis is a valid feature request, but it would depend on AMD implementing such functionality in future driver updates. For now, it's advisable to continue using the workaround that best suits each game's behavior, balancing Radeon Chill and FRTC settings accordingly.


Right now I only use Radeon Chill for FIFA 23 cause its menu says sync to 60Hz but it does not.

Well, if fps getting higher while on the menu or loading screen, no harm right?


My GPU only 6600XT, so as long as 60fps (I like it more if games can lock it on 60fps) all is good. GPU can live longer rather unlimited fps with fan noise and my eyes cannot different too much between 60fps and 120fps.

MSI B550 Pro-VDH - MSI 6600XT - Ryzen 5600G
Adept II

radeon chill is supposed to kick in when detecting ingame movement. in menus, some engines might not report your mouse movement or radeon chill only responds to character input. if you go into actual gameplay, it should start kicking in. radeon chill is not a all general purpose framerate limiter. thats what Framerate Target Control (FRTC) is for or third party apps like Rivatuner.