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Radeon Chill anoying micro stutter and PC AMD Frame pacing

Hi everyone, my specifications:

- Windows 10 64-bit professional (latest build)

- 16 GB DDR3 RAM or 16 GB DDR4 RAM

- CPU: 3 alternations - i7 870, FX 8350, Ryzen 5 1600

- GPU: MSI Radeon RX 480 Gaming 8G

I am still experiencing micro stutters when trying to use Radeon Chill to lock to a specific frame-rate. It happens about every 3-5 seconds where it would jitter once, even using FreeSync with Low Frame-rate Compensation it is slightly noticeable due to it being some frame pacing issue in the Chill Algorithm. It is especially noticeable when I lock MIN and MAX to 30FPS, it even happens when setting Chill Min to 30FPS and Chill Max to 60FPS without touching any of the inputs.

This also prohibits non-FreeSync users of having a smooth experience with Chill, since locking Chill MIN & MAX to either 30FPS or 60FPS causes this micro-stutter every 3- or 5 seconds on a 60Hz panel with VSync. In addition, without VSync it still causes the micro-stutter with the included side-effect of screen-tearing.

I have seen people on reddit also complaining about the issue and just getting downplayed by people with expensive AMD hardware, but if you are experiencing this issue you are please welcome to weight-in on this post and I would also please like the developers to respond on this post.

Furthermore, I have seen my elder brother play games on the PS5 where he has options of playing the games in 60FPS or 30FPS modes, even sometimes 120FPS modes and the performance and frame pacing in all three conditions are worlds apart from what we experience on PC with AMD hardware, this is even the case with older console frame pacing vs PC frame pacing and I don't understand why we on AMD PC's do not get the same quality?

Kind regards

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