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Journeyman III

Radeon boost unavailable, but the option is there on global setting without taking any effect.

Hello, I have a problem that my radeon boost is not there (in before it was there and work normally). 

So after updating into windows 22H2 I need to reinstall the radeon software. Since it needed to reinstall, I intentionally trying to upgrade from 22.7.1 into 22.10.1. But after upgrading the perfomance become worst, and noticed that the radeon boost is missing on specific game table (but was there on global setting). Normally if there was in global setting, it should be avail too on specific game setting, but its not there. Even I tried to downgrade into 22.7.1 back, I faced the same issue.


*I have re-check that only some game in my library that still have the boost option, in before I recall it almost all, even genshin impact now doesn't have it


My specification details:

AMD Ryzen 5 5500u
16 GB ram
Driver version currently use 22.7.11.png2.png

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