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Journeyman III

Radeon Boost - Dynamic Resolution Feature Request

Dear Radeon team,

after the acquisition of HiAlgo we got to experience the awesome Chill, which I use whenever possible to take advantage of my FreeSync 4K monitor without getting too much fan noise when not necessary.

I often set graphics options to have the game run somewhere in the 40 to 50 FPS range.

But: As we all know, this is not reliable - sometimes, framerates drop, even if just for short moments (below the FreeSync range for those with and the 60 FPS mark for others).

At those moments, users will either experience tearing or dramatically lower framerates, severely impacting the experience
There is however a solution to this: Dynamic Resolution.

With this technique, the rendering resolution is dynamically adjusted down to hit a certain framerate target, and while the resulting images are somewhat degraded in quality, everything is kept running smoothly (especially in VR games this could be absolutely crucial).

HiAlgo also developed a tool called Boost to apply this to any game, and I kindly request you work to add this feature to the Radeon software as a great boon to everyone who didn't pay for a overpowered graphics card only to waste a significant fraction of its performance most of the time.

@ AMD: Thanks for your consideration!

@ Everyone else: Please like this post on the bar to the right to show your support if you would like to have Dynamic Resolution!