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Journeyman III

Radeon 5700 xt beeping & crashing

So I have upgraded my PC to 

Radeon rx 5700 xt

AMD ryzen7 martis 3700X

Asus prime b350

2 samsong 8gb ram

750W power supply.

I was upgraded the window from 7 to 10. However, when launching any AAA steam games (watch dogs 2, Metro exodus, the surge 2 etc.) I keep hearing this four beeping sound, indicating there are some problems with recognizing the device. After that, the game either crashes, get black screen, or show sign similar when process explorer is not responding(ctrl + alt + del works but the cursor is gone). 

Clicking on the AMD radeon tray icon did not do anything, as though the driver has frozen.

Have installed Adrenalin 2020 Edition 19.12.2  driver because I could not find a older version.

I have spent about 1900$ to upgrade and half-a-mind to set a foot through the PC.

After this, I doubt I'll buy any radeon product.

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We have an existing thread that sounds similar to your issue, please use that to track status updates and provide your feedback. 

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Adept I

I just bought the radeon 5700 xt like you, (6/1/2020) and I have the same problems as you, I thought that in my case it would be because I have a slightly older hardware compared to the 5700 xt but seeing that your pc is practically new and current I see that that is not the problem, I think that another reason for this to happen may be the monitor, in my case I have already tried on a 1920x1080p AOC monitor that only has a VGA port and does not even capture the signal, I also tried it with a Sankey 1360x768 TV with HDMI and if it gave a signal, then I installed the 19.12.2 drivers and had exactly the same problems as you, I would even say a little more serious than yours because just trying to open a new window screen flashed black and finally stopped signaling and had to restart, then I installed version 19.12.3 and improved a bit, it no longer blinked with every minimum action, now it only happens with each game when it is in the menu, but the problem still there I am equally serious. I hope someone can help us with this as soon as possible, specially since I made this purchase thinking about playing the expansion of MHW ice borne for PC with ultra textures


You mean 4 beeps with a different tone at the start of a game ?

I also have had this since I have the card. But with me I can just play the game.

However I sent my card back last week, having other issues as well. AMD said maybe the card is broken, I should send it back to Asus, Asus says I have to send it to my dealer first,... So now it's waiting time,... I'm back on my old Nvidia GPU now and have 0 issues anymore,... Just less GPU performance which is normal. 

Adept II

The four beeps are normal and are a result of features like boost and chill. You can turn them on and off in game and it will play a corresponding sound. The black screen and crashing is a result of amd not giving a damn about their buggy drivers and lousy software. They give us excellent features that don't work and refuse to fix bugs.

Oh, did not know that. Even AMD never even said why the beeps where there.


I know!! Very frustrating. AMD is really dropping the ball on their software. Please mark helpful if I helped!


AMD, a real bunch of scam artists right now.

I cannot believe how shady these drivers are. They look nice, the GUI is nice, but whats the point if the driver crashes out?

Community Manager

We have an existing thread that sounds similar to your issue, please use that to track status updates and provide your feedback.