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RADEON 530 problem...

Hello. In my laptop is a video card RADEON 530, but it is written that I have RADEON M440. How to solve a problem? My laptop LENOVO IP 320-15 ABR.


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Install the latest GPU Laptop drivers from Lenovo and install it. It should correctly recognize your laptop GPU.

This is the answer that one of the main Moderator's of AMD Forum gave to another poster concerning the same issue that you are having.

Re: AMD Radeon Software detects an update for my gpu but after updating I get installed a different ...


Graphics cards in laptop computers are customized by the manufacturer to meet their specific design requirements,.

AMD provided reference drivers for laptop products that use a generic Device ID. This has no impact on  performance,

If you want the GPU to appears exactly as specified by the manufacturer, you will need to use drivers provided by the laptop manufacturer.

The Radeon 530 is based on the same architecture as the M440 according to this copy from a website I found:

AMD Radeon 530

The Radeon 530 is a dedicated entry-level graphics card for laptops that was released in 2017. According to AMD, there are several different versions with 384 or 320 shader units and DDR3 or GDDR5 64-bit graphics memory. However, they are not based on one of the newer RX series Polaris chips, but most likely using the same architecture as the Radeon R7 M445 / M440 / M340 / M260 / 8650M / 8590M (384 shader units, 28 nm GCN) and M430 / M330 / M230 (320 shader units, 28 nm Sun GCN). AMD claims that the clock speed of the Radeon 530 can reach 1,024 MHz.

Considering the above, the game performance of the Radeon 530 should fall between the Radeon R7 M440 (320 shader units, DDR3), Radeon R7 M460 (384 shader units, DDR3) and Radeon R7 M445 (320 shader units, GDDR5) (see these pages for detailed gaming benchmarks). Graphically intensive games such as Dishonored 2, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare or XCOM 2 should not run smoothly on this GPU. Less demanding games like Overwatch, Fifa 17 (with a fast CPU), or Farming Simulator 17, would run well, but using low to medium detail settings. For detailed game benchmarks, visit the pages of the previously linked cards. According to the specs, the DDR3 version could be slower than the Radeon 520, that is specified with 320 shaders and GDDR5.


Same question has been asked a couple of times before. The 530 is a rebadged 440. There is no problem.


Coincidence, I posted the exact same information except the moderator still hasn't approved my post through jive yet.


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